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About us

Adept Health is a comprehensive healthcare professional services company committed to helping others achieve the highest quality of healthcare delivery at the lowest cost.

Adept Healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions

Find the Right Solution for your healthcare organization. Adept Health brings expertise in implementing your strategies, consulting guidance and operational expertise to help your organization deliver high quality, low cost healthcare.

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Partnership models

Our approach to partnership is unique: We work with you to design a solution based on your individual opportunities so you can thrive in the new healthcare environment.

"We partnered with Adept Health because of their commitment to establishing the remarkable patient experience in Ashe County. Our partnership continues to improve our operations and to expand our services locally."

Jim Gambill
past board chair, Ashe Memorial Hospital

"We have been extremely pleased by the outcomes with our partnership with Adept Health. The savings have had a significant impact to our bottom line and we continue to find ways to work closely together."

Maggie Gill
CEO, Memorial Hospital