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Partnering with a peer to ensure best-in-class healthcare

Managing your healthcare operations gets harder to do every year. Whether you are a large health system or a community hospital, today's healthcare environment requires you to continually search for ways to improve the quality of care for your patients while reducing costs. You don't have to go it alone.

Using a partner can help hospitals navigate today's challenging economic environment while allowing them to keep their independence. No two partnerships are the same, as each one addresses the organization's individual needs.

Available service agreements

Shared services agreement


Focuses on identifying operational efficiencies, sharing resources and collaborating on best practices.

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Management agreement


A dedicated management team that provides access to Adept Health resources and expertise.

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Our experienced team comes with a successful track record and can help you put together the right partnership elements that allow you to create best-in-class services for your healthcare market.

Adept Health will discuss opportunities and challenges with your leadership team in order to develop an agreement that improves your ability to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare. Expect this to be a true partnership, as the sharing of resources is not one-directional. Adept Health welcomes the opportunity to learn from our partners because — when it comes to transforming healthcare — we are all in this together.

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Partners keep their local leadership and board. We know it's important for you to continue your mission to the community, to your patients and to your team. Nobody knows how to do that better than you.


The healthcare climate varies greatly among markets, so you need a flexible partner. We realize the challenges differ from community to community and we'll help you find the right options that work for you.


New challenges emerge monthly if not weekly for partners. Using our resources and experience, we work with you as peers to determine the best approaches and solutions.

What makes this partnership different?